Sunday, September 7, 2014

My first two weeks!

I am two weeks into my teaching career and I am still alive! It feels like an accomplishment! haha

Teaching, working a part time job, and prepping for graduate school has been a tiring process! I think I have found my groove though, so hopefully things go smoothly from now on.

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite projects from my first two weeks! 

I have four bulletin boards in my classroom. Yes, you read that correctly. I decided to leave one blank at the beginning of the year so I could try one of my "must try" projects from Pinterest. The original, here, shows a "Be" board with adjectives that students would want to be. 

I decided to take it a little further and turned it into a vocabulary lesson. I gave my kiddos a list of  adjectives they may (or may not, little stinkers!) want to be and had them work together to come up with definitions for the words. The next day they chose one word in particular and decorated a sentence strip with that word. This is how it turned out! You can find this project on Pinterest here!

I had a lot of fun with this lesson and will definitely do it again next year! 

This last week of school was a short one. Like super short! Monday was labor day and Tuesday was staff development day so those lucky kids had a 4 day weekend! I spent the last three days of the week reviewing story elements. (i.e. character, plot, setting, theme, and conflict)

The students were given a sheet to brainstorm those elements in their life. What settings do they have in their life? Who are the characters? What is the plot of their life? Then they were given an outline and had to illustrate the most important character of their lives, themselves!

This student provided a great example! The setting was supposed to be around the outside, the characters in the head, plot in the mid section, conflict in the left leg, theme in the right leg.

This student didn't follow the directions perfectly, but I loved the effort he put into it. He worked much harder on this assignment than any other so far!  

I had a great first couple of weeks. I can't wait to see what this next week has in store! :)

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  1. Your "BE" wall looks great! And I love the idea of students making their own story elements "selves"! May have to borrow that idea.... :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


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