Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday: A Brand New Blog Design and Sasquatch!?

I am so excited to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday today! Normally it's a stretch to come up with 5 not boring relavent topics each week. But seeing as I skipped last weeks link up and I have had some exciting stuff going on, this week it was hard to choose!

Those of you who have been by my little blog before (thank you for coming back!) can see that I have totally revamped everything! New template, new photo, new blog button (that also works) everything! 

I am so excited that I now look much more like a "pro" blogger and a lot less like an "I haven't a clue" blogger. I purchased my template on Etsy from KreatedByKelsey. She was seriously so helpful and super quick to respond to my questions. When I ran into a problem while installing she offered to install the entire thing for free! I will definitely be a repeat customer, should I need any services in the future!

I created my new "About Me" image all by myself. (Patting myself on the back. Still.) I really wanted a new photo and my twin is always itching to use her fancy camera, so I quickly got ready and we ran down to the park. Literally ran. The sun was setting so we only had a few minutes left to get a decent photo. This is what we came up with. 

My cousin, Steven, also came up with a variation of the photo, which is by far my favorite! Ha!

My twin and I met up with our kindergarten teacher for lunch this week! She contacted us out of the blue on Facebook, which was so random considering we have had no contact since 3rd grade! 

 Please excuse our selfie...

The best part about our visit with Mrs. Tilley Tamara was the binder of class pictures that she brought! The twin and I were so excited to see it because we didn't have any pictures at all from kinder! When Mrs. Tilley Tamara found out, she had us go down to Office Depot so we could make copies! How sweet is that?! 

I officially sold my first item on tpt! Woooo! I was so excited about it! :D

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out the new blog! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think! :)



  1. I love those doodle frames!..and you cousins photo editing skills!

  2. The blog looks great! I love the doodle frames too. I am obsessed with frames and orders right now! I think you should have just shown us the picture with Sasquatch to see how long it took anyone to notice and comment!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Your blog looks great!!! I just got an "upgrade" to mine too! ha ha! Congrats on TPT!!!! :)
    Mixing it up in Middle

  4. very pretty! and the frames are adorable!

  5. Your frames are adorable! I love the heartwarming meet up with your K teacher.
    Learn with ME in Grade Three

  6. Super cute new blog design! I love it!! I found you through the 5 for Friday link up, I'm your newest follower!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  7. I love that you met up with your Kindergarten teacher! I still talk to my 4th grade teacher occasionally. And I love the blog design! Now following you!


  8. Love the blog design and your cousin's version of your picture. Hilarious! That's awesome that you met up with your K teacher. I would love to find and talk to mine!!

    My Carolina Classroom


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