Monday, July 7, 2014

Final Monday Meet Up!

It seems like I haven't blogged in so long! I have been busy making new products, working, and getting all of my teaching paperwork together. I have also been pinning up a storm! There are so many ideas I want to try in my classroom! Today I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune.

This is the LAST Monday Meet Up! This weeks post is simply random facts about myself. I have already shared some random facts, so I will try and share some different ones!

 I have Narcolepsy: When most people think of Narcolepsy, they think of people falling asleep while they walk down the street. My case is no where near that extreme! I just can't pull all nighters stay up past 10pm.

I hate coffee: I REALLY hate coffee. Luckily, I can still be a Starbucks fanatic because of my love of tea!

I will probably live in Seattle one day: Once the boyfriend graduates in a couple of years we will have to move indefinitely. Our choices are San Francisco or Seattle so I am pushing for Washington! I recently found out that it snows there a bit each winter, which is so much better than Vegas' dusting of  snow every 3 years!

I had such a great time linking up with The Teaching Tribune this summer! To help celebrate all of the new bloggers I've met, I uploaded a new clipart set on tpt today! It is a 5-piece back to school set for free!

It's free today only, so head over to my store if you would like to download it :)

Thanks for Reading!

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