Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Time Blues

Happy Wednesday! Time for another addition of Wordless Wednesday hosted by the fabulous Christina at Sugar and Spice . Well, today it's going to be Not so Wordless Wednesday! Sorry for the novel. ;)

On Saturday the boyfriend and I went to his aunts wedding and he actually took a decent picture with me! It was like Christmas!

We had a good time and it was great meeting so many people in his family! We have been together for 6 years now and before this I had only met maybe 25% of the Torres clan. To be fair though, he has met my entire family and still met less people in total then I have...his family is gigantic!

It was good to have a little fun because I have been a little down the past few days, but I'm trying to shake it off. All the stress of not being stable financially is bringing me down and I just want September and my first teacher paycheck to get now!

Everyone tells me to enjoy my last summer before my first year of teaching but it is really difficult to do that! Not only did I just come out of working full-time for free for an entire semester, but now so many expensive things are popping up left and right. Transcripts, licensing fee, finger printing, and don't even get me started on the Praxis test I took not too long ago! When you add in the the regular life expenses like broken cars and doctor's visits its enough to financially smoother any undrgrad student!

My question is, what do you remember more about the last summer before you started teaching? The struggles or the good times? People who remember the good times, please share ;)


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  1. The summer before I began teaching was full of wedding plans! I was also working - at Sea World - so there was never much money but if you can just hang in there, it will get better! Just save where you can - make those pennies cry! :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  2. I student taught in the spring and right after student teaching (which I absolutely think we should get paid for!!) I got a job teaching summer school from one of my professors who was also a principal! That way I got a little bit of on-my-own classroom experience before I actually started my first full year! It was crazy stressful though with teaching and I was also planning my wedding, but it was worth it! So technically, I didn't have a 'last summer' before I started teaching full time! I wish you the best of luck preparing for next year!

    Drop By...
    Life As I Know It

  3. Summer break in New Zealand is only 6 weeks, so it's not as long to wait for your first pay check (which we also get fortnightly, not monthly). But I didn't get my first job offer until a week before the new school term. It was a crazy time. My parents helped out a lot, and I lived at there place rent free for about 2 months before moving back to the city I studied in to start my first job.
    My advice, make sure that you get into a good sleeping routine early into the summer, as you will have sooooo many sleepless nights as the time gets closer. You will be EXHAUSTED!
    Also, try and make those first few teaching paychecks go as far as you can! Trust me, you will thank yourself later when you don't blow your first "real" money the moment you get it.
    Probably not answering your question, but hey!
    ,Learning to be awesome


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