Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday! (June 27th)

Another Friday, another chance to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

It's the end of June, so that means the end of "bearable" temperatures here in Las Vegas. For any of you traveling here for the TpT conference and/or blog meet up, I would just like to apologize for our weather in advance! 

On that happy note, here is my Five for Friday!

This is a photo of my sisters car...broken down....on the side of the freeway. We aren't exactly sure what happened to poor old Jewel Rust Bucket, but since all of the oil was spewing out of the engine we aren't very optimistic! My mom and step dad live about an hour away from us, so after I took the twin to work they were already here to help.

I wasn't needed to help because of my amazing mechanical abilities, or my ability to get inside the car. Nope...I was needed because I was the only one small enough to ride in the car while it was hoisted into the trailer and then climb out the window. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a fear of ramps. I am always terrified they will either fall off or slip out from under the car.

The process of hoisting the car into the trailer took about 7 minutes. Seven minutes of me trembling as I can't see anything since I'm at a 45 degree angle being hoisted into a trailer at .5 miles per hour. My stepdad was very reassuring though...he said "Remember to keep your whits about you! If something happens, slam on the brake." I felt so much better after that! HAHA!
 I went to one of my fave places, Raising Canes with the twin and some friends for lunch! Yum!


 At Raising Canes our friend Carol gave us the CUTEST teacher bags! As you can see, Max is also a huge fan! 

I have been torn about which Masters program I was going to enroll in for some time. I know that I want to start immediately but I have been scared since I will be on a time crunch.  My boyfriend is going to graduate in about 2 years and, when he does, we are moving indefinitely. He wants to be a game designer and all of the jobs in that field are in San Francisco or Seattle. I was worried about not being able to finish in time, and then either having to hold up Nick's carreer or having to stay behind while I finish.

I looked up online schools because then, if I didn't finish here, I could just finish wherever we moved to. Then I saw the prices and almost went into Cardiac arrest! $25,000 to $30,000 for a Masters degree just isn't something I'm willing to do when I could complete it at UNLV for half of the price.

I knew that UNLV didn't offer any online degrees but then it occurred to me that I never check with UNR. Sure enough, they have entirely online degrees AND it will be the same price as UNLV! Problem solved!

I finished up season two of OITNB and all I can say is AMAZING! That ending was perfect!


  1. I just finished OITNB too. Loved it!

    I have been researching masters programs for the past few weeks and was also disappointed in the online prices. I will be moving soonish too, so I didn't want to start a program in NC that I couldn't finish. I ended up deciding to go back to my alma mater, Alabama, to get my masters online as a "distance learner." The price is MUCH more fair.

    I just wrapped up my first year of teaching and I look forward to following you during yours!!

    My Carolina Classroom

  2. I am wanting to start watching OITNB but just haven't found the time quite yet! Everyone seems to love it, so I should try to find time to watch it! And that forecast looks unbearable! Try to stay cool!

    I'm your newest follower!!!
    Life As I Know It


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